The smell of my neighbour’s banana fritters is wafting into my room. Either that or I must be hungry, because it seems unlikely that someone would fry pisang at this odd hour.

I’m supposed to be asleep. I’ve told myself I must make a point to sleep early beacuse I dozed off in class again today. It’s a little hard adapting to three days of 8am classes after our late schedule last semester. I also tend to get carried away doing stuff late into the night more often these days.

2 days ago I played basketball in Mentari. My housemate was gracious enough to bring me, let me play although I was practically useless, and teach me. Actually, I cannot comprehend why he even agreed to bring me. It was intimidating…I was the only girl, there were some rough players, and everyone looked at me as a foreign object on the court. How can I play if these people hog the court everyday…sigh. But I played with them with a thick face anyway. After the game, a few friends came over and we had Domino’s. I’m glad that I’m getting to know Yong and Ching May better. It reminds me of the shared life I had with my roommates in Singapore.

I’ve finished reading The Sinking and Jungle as well, two excellent books that celebrate the resilience of the human spirit (You should take a look at the sinking website, and if you’re interested you can borrow the books from me as I was given them by an ex-colleague). I was kept on edge all the time as I read the true stories of these 2 individuals that survived against all odds in the open sea and in the depths of the jungle. You could even sayI felt fear and anxiety as I waited for events to unfold.

My third non-fiction story is still on the table. It’s called “Please Stop Laughing At Me“, and it’s about surviving school bullying. My mummy got it for me after I spotted the RM16 book at a Popular sale. You must know that it is very rare for me to buy a book. I believe in borrowing, heh. The only other book I have bought in the past 5 years is Tiger’s Child by Torey Hayden. I will reread it someday when I need to be encouraged that little seeds of patience and love sown in the most difficult and impossible child can still bear fruit.

Well, my essay on citizenship and identity is coming along nicely, and my presentation about the semiotic landscape is prepared. And…I have this new Reporting for Print lecturer who is from Kedah! *beams proudly* An ex-news correspondent for the STAR, he regaled us with tales of how he rushed around collecting information during the chaotic and emotionally overwhelming situation of the Tsunami 2004.

Now I’m really going to sleep. We had dance practice at Damansara just now and the drive there took an hour. But I’m glad that I got to have some meaningful conversation with Gordon in the car: he said that 3 months after accepting Christ he still doesn’t ‘feel Jesus’, so we talked about how experiencing God is a journey that takes time, and I shared that during the worst of my depression I did not feel him too.

p/s: I finally found my red hair clip under my mattress while I was changing my bedsheets. Yay.