Brr. Got the flu. Trying hard to smack the bug and it appears to be dying away. *victory*

I’ll be going home 3rd May. Huhu. Home. I haven’t been properly home in a long while, ever since I started studying here. The longest break I’ve taken at home is 4 days at most? So yes, it occured to me that I should be home more and learn to enjoy it. I think I’ve even forgotten what home feels like: the maid’s name, the aroma of homemade bread, piano playing, noisy students and the stinky bathroom after tuition class…and family dinners! Gosh.

Things keep changing. In a year I’ll have to decide whether it’s Adelaide or PJ. Adelaide, PJ, Adelaide, PJ. Here, I know I have a community where I’ll be safe and supported. I know that even if something happens, I’ll be okay. I have people who can help me out with so many things if I’m willing to open my mouth and ask.

There, I don’t know. And I’ve become (wrongly) prejudiced toward Australia as a big fat lazy nation…I’m sorry! Because that’s what I became when I was there. I’ve come to hate fish and chips. I never order fish and chips anymore. I hate the summer sun. I think it’s a beautiful country but would I enjoy living there? Would I be open and daring enough to make new friends? I’m not usually cool like that. Travel? Get used to the open culture? Get to know the country? Gain new experiences? Or would I shrink into a shell? Would I grow in my faith, or slip away? It’s hard to shake away the depressed feeling that I associate with myself in Australia back then, but what I would hate more is the knowledge that I let a great opportunity slip by simply because I wanted to stay in my comfort zone.

I have a feeling I’ll never really know what’s the right decision to make though. Haha.