The following story earned me the nickname Roachbusters from Elaine, and a reputation as a gross person.

Recently, I was given a pink and red watercolour Easter egg by Faith. It was an empty shell and I put it on my table.

As the days passed by, I noticed that the red and pink was mysteriously disappearing from the eggshell, as if someone scraped bits and pieces of it off. Jessica’s yellow egg also suffered the same fate, but to a lesser extent.

I didn’t think much of it, until I noticed that the cockroach droppings in my table drawer (and actually all over the room…*embarrassed*) were turning pink and red as well! I didn’t establish a connection at first, and I wondered if a weird cockroach species was evolving out of the suffocating conditions of my room.

You can see the red and pink bits right? Yes! And that’s how much poop my drawer can accumulate in a week.

So today I did a little research, and lo and behold, cockroaches eat paint, even paper. XD