OK I am stressed. How long has it been since I last mentioned that word?

It’s been a while hasn’t it. But I am stressed! Despite the looming two week holiday (why do I speak as if it’s a dark cloud), there is tons to do. And there’s so much to think about! Justice? I have no idea what justice is. I am fumbling about to construct a case which is actually why I am stressed.

I referred back to some of my junior college general paper notes and GOODNESS I think my English was better back then, my analytical skills more developed (now I have brain muscle atrophy), my ability to express myself concisely more polished. We were made to read up on all sorts of issues from euthanasia to abortion to mass media to globalisation to the melting earth to science…and oh, where has it all gone?

Hmm. Maybe I should reconsider and raise my kids in Singapore eh? XD

Huhuhu. And it is so hot I haven’t been sleeping well.

So what is the point of this disgustingly whiny (even to me) & repetitive post?

The point of this post is to worry my parents. Hahahaha.

You know, everytime I post something slightly ranty my family becomes worried. Everyone needs an outlet, you know, and this is my outlet. Sometimes, I keep from ranting because I don’t want to take those “how many hours are you sleeping” phone calls, and I’m getting tired of worrying about worried phone calls.