Since Kareem was the asst. director for this movie and Sharon blogged that it won 3 awards I think, I thought I’d go and check it out.

I came away really satisfied–one of the best Asian films I have seen to date, I dare say. I did not enjoy all the Yasmin Ahmads that much, for some reason. Maybe because Sell Out was 100 times more stupidly comedic, poking fun at everything and nothing in particular. I think the stranger sitting next to me must’ve been really annoyed coz I laughed so loud at so many places.

And Ian appeared in the film! As a really kampung person who changed from a striped shirt to a plain shirt so that he would look better in the reality show shooting the death of his grandpa. Ahahahah. Sorry lah I am writing as if I know Kareem and Ian very well–but I do feel proud for Kareem! I’ve seen him around for about ten years, back when he was a student. And now look at him: he is a director already! A fine example of someone who realized his dream, I think? See la I chase my dancing dream until go where already. Haih.

Anyway, google the movie, watch snippets on youtube, catch it while it’s still showing in cinemas, whatever…there’s a really handsome actor in there too!