It seems quizzes are taking over Facebook these days. From the cliched, random, to downright stupid, everything under the sun you can possibly test yourself on is up there.

But today, I am here to muse about a special category of quizzes. It is the How Well Do You Know Me quiz. In my opinion, it is not only one of the more fun quizzes to take (if, the quiz taker has had hilarious experiences or gives ridiculous objective picks in the answers), it also helps us learn about our friends in ways we never would. How often do you go around asking your friends their favourite colour or weekend activity or vacation…get my point?

For example, I learnt that TJ has been punished to dance in front of a class before. I learnt about A’s phobia and dreams. I learnt that B has had FIVE ex-girlfriends. And even if these are not interesting to me, I read more into them, their values, and the way they think through the kind of questions and answers they craft. I gain more insight as to whether they are sweet, simple, humorous, intelligent, or purposely-create-difficult-questions-to-make-friends-guilty kinds of people! Nyeh hehe.

From the feedback to my quiz, I could also determine the different ways people perceive me. It’s kinda funny to see which answers everyone picked. : ) Oh and two people scored zeroes, which kept me laughing for a long long time.

That said, quizzes are still a tembaking game people do just for fun. They are not conclusive and don’t prove anything much. Heck, some quiz creators might not even be completely honest with themselves/understand themselves very well. Besides, the way people perceive you and the way you perceive yourself might be hugely different and equally correct. So don’t get too worked up over your scores. Oh but I am very ai mian zi. So, I only publish my scores if they are satisfactory. HAHAHAHA.

Tomorrow I have a workshop by 8TV/Media Prima. Hopefully it’ll be good, and that my team will come up with really good ideas and then we’ll win THE PRIZE and then I’ll get hired right away lol!

Sigh the media industry. I’m not altogether sure it’s for a person who doesn’t like to socialize, especially with social butterflies. I am more comfortable with people who are less…out there. More down-to-earth. Still can’t quite put my finger on that special factor social butterflies possess that bothers me so much. Charm? Coolness? Charisma? I dunno.

Just wondering out loud.