Do you still remember when you were fifteen?

The dreams you had when you were fifteen, those are your real dreams.

After that, parents and teachers tell you to do this, do that, and one by one, they kill your dreams.

You think your dreams have changed, but actually you have just forgotten them.

En. Ahmad Izham Omar

Chief Executive Officer of 8TV

19 May 2009


Now, that guy, is definitely one cool person. I never thought Malays could be that cool, pardon me for my prejudice *kneels 100 times*.

He shared how he started his recording company Positive Tone and then moved on to radio and TV at the media workshop I went to. We also heard from Marion Caunter, whom I thought carried herself very well. Okay I know celebrities are supposed to carry themselves well and all, but still, I actually liked her and thought she was sweet and down to earth.

It was eye-opening to be let into the world of producing…coming up with show concepts…thinking of the audience, execution, treatment of the show, media extentions, and all that. Was quite fun generating our own show ideas as well–but we soon found out it was much more difficult than we thought to come up with something brand new that had not been done before and yet was possible to execute in Malaysia. Our idea was among the top three, but Leonard’s group took the cash. Haha. Next time if any of our shows gets developed on 8TV, I will tell you.

Mainly, I’m just really struck by what he said bout dreams. : ) Was the one real thing that stayed with me. The rest…erm, not so sure it is my field yet.