This is a children’s story I wrote in Mizna’s notebook during class today, featuring some of my crazy classmates. It’s modified coz I don’t have photographic memory lah okay:

Once upon a time, the moon was perfectly yellow and bright. It was also always round.

One night, Mizna the rat stole a slice of the moon during one of her night excursions.

The nights became darker after that. Owls and bats had less light to hunt by (I know, unscientific but this is a children’s story), and robbers ruled the streets, breaking into houses without getting caught. Mat Rempits got away with their evil stunts as well.

The government offered a RM100,000 reward to the person who could find the stolen piece of moon.

Upon seeing the notice, Vasenta thought of a clever plan to win the prize money. She thought she could fool the Menteri Besar by creating a huge piece of cheese to replace the missing moon! After stealing Marie’s Secret Moon Cheese recipe, she immediately started camping out in her huge kitchen.

No matter how hard Vasenta toiled, the cheese never grew large enough as Mizna the rat found a way into her kitchen to steal bits and pieces of the cheese every night. This bothered Vasenta greatly.

One night, she finally had a thought. She puffed out her chest, so proud of herself for finally hatching this plan. She gathered all her friends: Marie, Esmee and Neha to install rat traps around her kitchen. She was going to trap Mizna when she came to steal her cheese next!

(bla bla bla…the story goes on about how the rat is caught while stealing a moldy sandwich but I’ll spare you)

With the rat gone, Vasenta finished her moon cheese and soon, it resembled the stolen piece of moon in size and shape. A huge smug Garfield grin spread across Vasenta’s face and she marched up to the Menteri’s office right away to present her work.

Menteri Besar Aizuddin Arshad was ecstatic to see the piece of stolen moon and immediately ordered his workers, Sudhan and Samuel to climb up to the broken moon and fix it. As usual, Malaysian Menteri Besars are not that wise altogether and Aizuddin could not tell that it was actually a lousy piece of cheese. (In fact, he wasn’t even sure he was the Menteri because Vasenta previously fought with him over his seat.) But anyhow, the citizens were very glad for the warm glow of the moon returned to its fullness once again!

Unfortunately, their happiness did not last.

Dark blotches started appearing on the moon. Obviously, this was because Vasenta’s moon was actually a huge piece of cheese which had lots of growing holes in it! As the holes grew bigger, they became more and more obvious in the sky!

Well, this is why the moon has dark spots on it till this day. Thankfully, no other rats have made it to the moon. As for the changing phases of the moon from full moon to sickle, that’s a story for another day.

The end.

p/s: The stuff they tell you about craters on the moon? Don’t believe any of it. They made that up.