Argh it was so hot yesterday I couldn’t sleep. =.= I got up and did my search engine optimization posts & college assignments (these few weeks have been busy! And kinda stressful! I am getting fat mummy!), played Restaurant City & Farm Town for myself and JN (haha),  and then listened to a million songs before falling asleep. I’m bored of all the songs on my playlist already.

And now I am in the air-conditioned library because it is too hot at home.

On Friday, I went to a homosexual conference sharing by PLUC where a guy (now happily married with 2 kids) talked about his journey to freedom from sexual bondage.

Homosexuality is not funny okay. I really don’t like it when people joke about gayism and lesbianism. If you’re prejudiced, well I can understand that–we’re all prejudiced towards people who are ‘weird’ aren’t we, but they already have enough rejection in their lives they don’t need more from you.

Anyway, here are some of my insights:

1. Freedom is a journey. Don’t set unrealistic goals. You can’t expect to be ‘straight’ in a set amount of time just because you attended counselling.

2. The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality, it is holiness. That should be the ultimate goal as holiness is something that can be chosen, where inclinations are sometimes not so clear-cut (I think?).

3. A woman who marries an ex-gay worries if he will fail her as a man. The thing is: the ex-gay has worked very hard to come to this stage–taken extremely courageous steps, dealt with painful and shameful issues, persevered…so that he is much more likely to appreciate the marriage and cherish what he has.

4. There is the argument that it cannot be proven that gays and lesbians are ‘born that way’. Might be true, but I agree with the view that it is very harsh and cruel to shove the ‘you brought this curse on yourself, you chose to be homo’ lecture down people’s throats as circumstances in life probably played a GREAT role in making them the confused people they are.

Oh yeah if you believe in gay rights you might not  like the ‘you can change’ talk, but with all due respect, I don’t believe people can be sincerely proud to say that I am a homosexual. By sincerely I mean deep down in the recesses of their heart lah..which they probably don’t have access to already due to the hardening process of life.

Having said that, I am hardly qualified to speak on this topic so forgive me if I have offended anyone. Take a look at the website for a more credible source. Back to assignments!