You are the typical young adult whose abilities in cooking are limited to the various versions of instant noodles and the most you can manage is to crack in an extra egg. Sometimes you wish you had more motivation to cook something more elaborate, to have something other than maggi mee for dinner, but one look at the ingredient list keeps you 10 feet away from the kitchen. It’s just too much time and too much trouble when you’re cooking for one.

So how?

Introducing…my secret recipe for 2-minute pasta!


San Remo’s Angel Hair Pasta (that really cooks in 2 min) & salt

Pre-fried garlic/onion  in olive oil (I like to do it in batches so I don’t have to fry every time) OR Campbell/Vono powdered soup if you’re lazy to fry

Optional: Sausages, frozen vege

2 Step Flow:

1. Bring water to a boil, throw in everything except garlic oil.

2. Drain & add a few teasepoons of garlic oil, salt/pepper. Ta daaa! (If you’re doing the soup version, you don’t even need this step)

Not terribly attractive but reasonably nice  &  healthy (esp. if you don’t use the MSG laden soup). Of course, you can always just go and buy pasta sauce lah, but that doesn’t work for me because I will finish the pasta sauce before I finish the pasta. Not economical!