William Burke said that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

The SEARCH conference just ended, if you go to the site and download the programme you can find my name on the speaker’s list. =) I enjoyed myself very much learning interesting things and having dialogues about media issues happening in Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, Australia, USA, Korea, and Turkey. The Mauritian left the deepest impression when the gentle soft-spoken lady said she was so angry about a guy fighting corruption in Mauritius being arrested and how she wants to fight for him. Now that’s someone who doesn’t just research for the sake of research! Oh there was a US prof who asked for my research essay because he found my presentation fascinating (although I was trembling very noticeably during the talk…goodness! I’m ashamed to say I used to speak and debate). This means a lot to me, I’m very grateful for the affirmation because after a despairing year of just wanting to escape the academic world, now I’m beginning to enjoy academics again. I can’t believe it. While I used to think academicians don’t contribute much to society by building fatter brains doing sophisticated research that leads no where except more complicated theories (I am very katak one), I now realize its importance and significance. And I think it’s something I have the potential to do well in, and maybe this is what my life is supposed to be used for.

But the conference is over, my presentation is over, and that’s that. Today I was gripped by something more urgent.

I found out about International Justice Mission founded by Gary Haugen a Harvard law graduate.  I read about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the guy who raised the first and virtually lone voice for church resistance to Hitler’s persecution of Jews when he declared that church was must not simply “bandage the victims under the wheel, but jam the spoke in the wheel itself.” (Wikipedia). There’s so much more to be said! Injustice is gonna be the main theme for 1a.m.’s Change Your World tour.

And you know what. I am disgusted and very scared.

That I will go to sleep and wake up tomorrow and live my life the exact same way, relegating everything I found out, everything that evoked strong feelings for a moment, to a shelf in my mind. Am i just writing this to feel good about myself?