Every time deadlines draw near, I watch the people around me go bonkers doing last minute work. It is the time of the year when I feel the most alienated because everyone will look at me like “what’s wrong with you why did you finish your assignment so early”. =) Well the truth is I am paranoid about getting stressed out by deadlines–I will hyperventilate and die, so my solution is to kill the deadline before it kills me.

I like to think I am an efficient worker who knows exactly the right corners to cut while doing assignments without compromising that much on quality. I am now bequeathing my college survival skills to all of you XD…especially applicable to the communications field because you don’t need a lot of specialized info to complete your work. Bear in mind that most of my assignments are essays/research papers.

1. Start early. Not because procrastination is a vice, but because procrastination is STUPID and will result in you having to do more work. You would have forgotten certain details of the assignment, forgotten skills needed for the assignment, lost track of your thoughts, and you would need to go back to zero all over again. Starting early also enables you to gather information and inspiration through the randomest happenings in life over a longer period of time. You can keep one eye open for things you can use. When I was researching on Facebook & Earth Hour, I could just pull things off things I chanced upon which I read for pleasure, so I saved some effort hunting for info I needed.

2. Forget Books. Hate lugging books back  from the library and then getting fined for forgetting to return them? Just forget them completely. You don’t even refer to them that much, do you? It just gives you a sense of security that a big bank of information is sitting next to you while you are doing your assignment. Get the Internet to be your BFF (Best Friends Forever for those who don’t know)! If you really need books, Google Books can help you fudge through. Just read the limited previews online (which aren’t all that limited!) and pull quotes/information from what you see! Everything else from journals to magazines to reports, it’s all on the WWW. Just gotta learn where to look!

Watch out for the 2nd installment of my tips and tricks!

(Lol as if I’m this super famous guru everyone is dying to listen to)