I am so proud of myself because I finally learnt how to do a shoulder roll after not daring to try it out for so long (caused I nearly sprained my neck doing those little stunts back when I was young and AGILE)!!! Sharon it is the one Nai Lin and Yean Ching can do!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

I found instructional modern dance videos by Chell Garcia-Trias on Youtube and ta-daa, I got myself a free teacher! Usually it is challenging to copy technical moves from performances correctly because I have to rewatch the steps a lot of times, pause, try it out, play it in slow motion, and concentrate really hard and before I even sweat, I am already mentally exhausted.

I’ve  finished my dance choreo. =D Am quite happy with it. Now I just need to think of the multimedia (my old photos, how to tell my story, etc). I was quite scared to show it to Sharon and Doreen and the rest of the dance team yesterday because I’m usually very nervous of rejection and people telling me it’s not good enough (especially because Sharon and Doreen can be picky and fierce sometimes haha). But I’m very grateful that they were very nice to me and gave me very helpful feedback in a very nice way. Good to have teammates and family. : )

You must come watch me do it during Change Your World in the Klang Valley or wherever you are! Our first stop is Kluang, Johor on 22 August, and Penang on 22 November, which I most likely will go. The dance is about my life story. Of course, the production is a whole lot more than just my 2-min story, but you must come to find out. The whole team especially the leaders and full time members have invested a lot of time into this, praying, thinking, brainstorming, resourcing, rallying people…I’m inspired by them because what started as a perhaps-not-possible idea (little-known band, limited manpower, finance, and resources) is now turning into a reality as everyone labours!  In fact it has become more important than before because a strong conviction to tell an urgent message has grown and is still growing! 

Actually, as usual, I tend to be very cynical of the change rar-rar events like this can cause. I hate to see people, especially myself, all hyped and psyched to “do something” because of a one time event and then after that watch the passion fade away like nothing happened before. Most of the time, the “something” isn’t even defined, much less put into action. But I’m gradually coming to realize that to get through to this generation, sometimes you need something that can they can connect with. Everything begins somewhere. And reluctantly, I have to agree that it is better than sitting there scoffing and doing nothing.

So it’s back to assignments for now–I finished my Facebook research essay and I’m happy because I think it is my bestest best! My essay about cultural differences influencing perspectives of justice is hanging though, because I can’t find enough interesting issues in Germany and I just found out we need to stick to one country. 😦 Aih. But I don’t want to change my country because I’ve done half the essay.

And lastly there is my Issues in Publication and Design blog. I’ve done nearly half of the required posts. I want to show you the link but then 1) I am very worried that others will plagiarize, 2) I published posts which are not completed just yet, and 3) I am embarassed by the fluffy content. But if you’re interested in what I need to do in my course, I’m sure your curiosity will get you there. XD

p/s: I just heard next semester we have to do html. =S 

p/p/s: I am going to Acheh for 10 days for a water sanitation project during my July holidays. It is organized by NTU students in partnership with World Toilet Organization. Yes, haha, what a funny name right. I really don’t know what to expect and I wonder what it will be like. I just thought it’s good to expose myself to some poverty and also grab opportunities to bless communities when they arise. And of course, the real reason is that I get to add Indonesia to the list of countries I’ve been to. =P