Every ten minutes, a woman or child is trafficked into the United States for forced labor. Around the world, it is estimated that twenty-seven million people are living in slavery, and human trafficking has become a $12 billion a year global industry. The numbers are staggering, yet they produce a numbing effect on the collective consciousness of us all. How could it be that there are twice as many people enslaved today than were enslaved in an African slave trade that lasted centuries? How could it be that as the CIA estimated in 1999, nearly 50, 000 forced slaves are coming into America each year?

 King, Gilbert 2004, Woman, Child for Sale: The New Slave Trade in the 21st Century, Chamberlain Bros., USA.

On the other hand… 

Complacency is a blight that saps energy, dulls attitudes, and causes a drain on the brain. The first symptom is satisfaction with things as they are. The second is rejection of things as they might be. ‘Good enough’ becomes today’s watchword and tomorrow’s standard. Complacency makes people fear the unknown, mistrust the untried, and abhor the new. Like water, complacent people follow the easiest course — downhill. They draw false strength from looking back.