So the sem is over, and I am at home because I conveniently hitched a ride back with my dad. I was with him in the ASICS Training Workshop at Midvalley right after my running story (reporting simulation) assignment (view here). I sat through their talk on foot structure and foot care for runners. Next time go shoe shopping with me I’ll tell you your foot type and which ASICS shoe to get. : )

I’ve finished first year. Finished first year. Finished first year.

A break is good.

Am reading Norwegian Wood by that famous Japanese guy. His name is confusing I can’t remember it. Murakami? Beautiful language, but from what I’ve read, it’s all quite sad. 

I met Vivien, Foo Mei, and Shin Ying yesterday, people I haven’t met in a year, two years. Vivien is doing medicine in Russia. Sigh it feels so far but maybe one day I can visit her. Thank God I drove out, because when they asked me when I started driving, I pulled out my license and shocked myself in discovering that my license had expired. By ten days, thank God. I thought it was September, even marked it down in my calendar. Hmm. No more P for me!

Helped train J-Anne for her speech competition, and took over one of mum’s piano classes. Figured out some keyboard accompaniment to Love Story, Dirty Little Secret and Check Yes Juliet for the student’s band, laptop balanced precariously on one knee because sorry to say, I’ve never heard those songs before except Love Story.

Fell in love with the Sims. The Sims 3. My dad bought the ipod touch/iphone version. Am impressed. The cooking and fishing games are especially brilliant because you play by tilting your phone around. I think we don’t have enough memory though; as my Sim progressed, the program kept shutting itself off midway and it became too annoying as my Sim couldn’t accomplish its goal to have kids. Haha. Otherwise I would’ve been really, really addicted. I will find a way to get the computer version! 

Hope no one will ask me for any more favours, nor ask me to do any thing else these two weeks. I am tired of doing people favours, although I generally like helping people out. I really do. I just want to take a lazy break. At least for two weeks.

Happy holidays. It’s been a better semester than the last one. 

So again you look back and treasure the progress you’ve made, at the same time look at the horizon and wonder what’s in store.

p/s: Someone actually texted me to wish me happy fathers day. =.=