That’s my computer right now. It is just dying its slow death, but at the same time I know its gonna happen really quickly from previous experience. The screen is fizzling to black all too often. I fixed it once before (and another once changed the whole motherboard), but I think it’s time to let the old man die and go to heaven. Macbook here I come!

Hols have been exciting, fun, and good. In fact I’ve been too busy to sit down and write for pleasure. Went to Lumut with the Life Group leaders which was refreshing, then Genting with my high school friends, and then now I’m back fulfilling different commitments in different places. I’m helping as an editor for, for one.


I’m leaving for Acheh in a few weeks! It’s all happening so fast…I need, need, need to get my innoculations.

I really love holidays. I think we should have 6 months of hols, and 6 months of college, or less. I learn and do more, and catch up with more people during the hols.