I felt so TIRED reading the newspaper today.

So tired for the batches of students switching back and forth, back and forth between English and Malay for Science and Math. If you read the Sin Chew today, they dissected all the different cases. Form 1: English, Form 4: Malay, Form 6: English.

Please!!! Isn’t this more ineffective than just sticking with the decision you made a few years back and building up your human+material resources to implement the English policy better? If the main reason is to help the rural kids learn more effectively, I wonder, don’t they already learn Science and Math in their mother tongue besides learning them in English? I might not be able to gauge the learning abilities of students in less developed areas, but since they can take their examinations in their mother tongue, I don’t really see that huge a problem. The teacher can spend more time teaching Science and Math in the mother tongue, be flexible and eat into the English periods or something. No?

And I also heard they want to introduce History to Standard One kids. 

If it’s gonna be Ketuanan Melayu Melaka and Hang Tuah again, I’m going to faint. 12 years of it?! Maybe they should just shift all the ‘Hang’s to the younger kids to learn, and leave Malaysian History to the secondary students. Somehow, somewhere, they really need to slot in more significant stuff. Let us study about great men and women in History, and not just the Islamic prophets–although yes, it’s great to know about them. But we need MORE. How about American history? The African slave trade? Nelson Mandela and Apartheid? I don’t know…I just feel I know so little about the world–I understand the world wars so superficially–and  my entire 11 years of education was spent memorizing Sultan’s names. We need to study motives, causes, effects, obstacles, how one thing led to the other, and not F.A.C.T.S.!!!!

Come University, and we do Malaysian Studies which is the equivalent of Sejarah all over again. =.=


I’m collecting donations for Acheh. We still lack S$2000 for our trip (to buy water testing kits, create educational material etc). All 20 of us now have to collect S$100 each to make up that amount. Anyone want to help me out here? : )

I’ve been writing and editing a lot lately, from webcopies to video scripts to proposals to essays, my brain juice is leaking away. I have to jot down everything cos there’s just so much to remember to do…I need a brain plumber!

After all this passive work, yesterday I went to play ball with our SWEAT Club and the visiting South Africans. One of them, Nina, is gonna conduct another contemp/worship dance class for us tonight. Show you, we brought her to eat lok-lok the other night…


That’s me, Sharon, Sophia, Serena, and at the back: Yean Ching, Nina, and Doreen. It’s Sharon’s phone camera so it’s dark. Nina tried so many new things including quail’s eggs, bubble tea, and a lychee drink.

Her comment on the lychee drink: “How come you guys put mushrooms in the drink?”