I look really funny now. I’m wearing Kareem’s football jersey after showering with my aunt’s towel at church. The jersey is huge and yellow, you’d laugh if you saw me. I came coz my aunt called for emergency help and I didn’t get a chance to go home and collect my things after dance class. They’re all having a meeting at the moment so here I am, blogging. : )

Of all the things I’ve had to write this holiday, scripts and diary entry-ish testimonies have been the hardest to write.

Let me tell you about the World In Crisis scripts I worked on. See, we wanted to produce videos that captured young people discovering their World In Crisis: one script for sex trafficking, one for modern slavery, and another for illegal detention of (mostly Burmese) refugees. At the end of the videos, the individuals realize that they need to be the change. 1a.m. Video wanted minimal shooting, so we needed a clever story line, compelling writing, and sufficient footages from various movies/videos to put World In Crisis together. Kareem and Neil did the sex trafficking one, and I was told to do drafts for the rest based on Kareem’s sample.

Eventually, when Kareem Koh did Version 2.0 of the scripts and I compared them to mine, I just felt like…I don’t know. I felt so embarrassed I wished I’d never submitted my scripts to him. XD

So I’m not that good with scripts yet, but I thought short stories were my thing. Hoho they are turning out to be a challenge…

Right now, I’m in the midst of piecing together everyone’s story for the dance production as we want to print posters of our diary entry-ish stories and put up in the concert halls. If you’ve read enough testimonies, you’d know they have a before-after structure. It’s expected, because testimonies testify about a change. But how do you write an entire month or worse, a year’s worth of happenings into a single diary entry and still make it real? Without jumbling up the English tenses?

How do you capture and preserve the emotion of the ‘before’ and also of the ‘after’, but only in 290 words, and in a single post?

But let me capture the real challenge in Sharon’s comment to me…

Doreen’s entry sounds angry, it’s quite good, your testimony of course sounds like you lah, but Jay’s testimony sounds like Jasmine!

Woops! I thought that was really funny.

But it’s true. I’ve always blogged and written for myself. I’ve never needed to take on a different persona. It’s kinda new and exciting to learn to find the unique voice of everyone. Different and difficult!

It makes me think that novelists probably make good actors. : )

p/s: Writing this post gave me inspiration! Who said it needed to be one diary entry per testimony? I can do multiple entries to tell the story! I feel so smart now.

p/p/s: Please continue voting Cathryn Loh Kah Yeng at http://www.freedom2talk.org. We have jumped thirty places or so and we’re now ranked 34! Thank you! It’s a good cause to fight for.