Singapore gives out good vibes as a tourist place. I miss the hustle and bustle (I can’t believe I’m actually saying this) of City Hall, Dhoby Ghaut and Orchard. The shops, the clothes, the food. So much to feast my eyes on. I wonder if I enjoyed all of this when I was here 2 years back? I probably did…it was just overshadowed by the despair I felt.

1. Ashley and Merryn surprised me at the train station when I arrived! I was so SURPRISED to see them. I didn’t know they were going to wait for me there: I only mentioned to Mer in passing that I’d reach at 8 then go to church. So nice of them. They’ve moved to Beach Road and I’m staying with them now, on impulse. Initially planned to stay with Jingying.

2. Church is now in a rented cinema hall at Vivocity. Everything’s so different…bigger…new people…was good seeing everyone again.

3. Was really nice meeting all my classmates! But all the guys ever talk about are army stuff and I don’t have a clue. Except Shu Ming who is trying to get Grade 6 piano certification in ONE year of learning the piano coz he wants to be a PE and Music teacher (slack subjects! Haha).

Some of us. Everybody is good and happy : )

4. Had a 4 hour meeting for the Acheh trip. The team left a good impression. I learnt a lot about organizing a trip like that and also got to understand the purpose of this trip better. Apparently there are many toilet facilities in Acheh built by the many organizations that go there, but they are underused by the locals because they are not comfortable with it. So this really is a social/behaviorial research and educational/empowerment trip. We reviewed the survey questions which were put forward to us by two Masters students doing research in this area. Apparently both of them experienced bad side effects from Lariam and never took them again. XD I also learnt that words like Banci (survey in Malay but sounds like prostitute in Indon), Budakbudak (means slaves) , tandas , and cirit-birit all cannot be used in the same context in Indonesia! Interesting!

5. Singapore has changed so much! There’s a new mall in Bugis called Iluma. It has a 4 storey high escalator. Ashley’s legs were shaking as I made her take the escalator up. Haha.

6. The EZ link card has been upgraded: it can now function as ERP payment for vehicles. I nearly forgot it was called the EZ link. =S

7. I will be camping out in the airport on Wednesday night with Elaine coz we’re meeting at 5am on Thursday morning. Whoopee.

8. Will be meeting Wei Liang and Jun Shen and Steph and Jasmine in these 3  more days here.

9. What else is must-do in Singapore can someone tell me? I miss my Yong Tau Foo. Prawn mee? Chicken rice?