I had my first video shoot the other day. It was an unfamiliar experience :). I felt like the star of the day! Haha. Too bad I didn’t bring a camera or I would’ve snapped pictures of Kareem, Chrystin, Joel, and Leong setting up and doing their thing. They actually looked pretty intimidating to me.

We shot an emo scene of me in Bee Sean’s bedroom. They set up the room, the different lightings, and they even had make-shift tracks to slide the video-cam. So cool! They did all the hard work while I just had to put on my make up and lie on the bed. Chrystin said “the talent is not supposed to carry props”. Haha.

Chrystin was the one directing me, while Joel and Leong were ‘kuli’s to hold the lights and flags (to alter the lighting). I learnt that the correct eye movement is very important in a video shoot. It was also interesting to observe cheating techniques to make things look good/right. We wrapped the one minute shooting in an hour and the guys went off to a party after that.

Sigh I’m so raw and unexposed to this whole media thing. : )