This week has somehow felt rather busy. No time to write no time to write!!!

Stayed over with dad again and ate hotel food XD. The whole family except me and Eugene are in Miri now. For J-Anne’s competition.

Been preparing for our Change Your World camp…concepts of the camp activities are pretty exciting! Today Bee Sean, who is in charge of the whole camp (I’m so glad she’s in charge, I’ve learnt a lot working under her), asked us if we’ve changed in any way in our lives preparing for this camp. What’s the point of having a Change Your World camp if we don’t change in real life right? I’m in charge of the Hope Ambassadors sessions, and in preparing for the programmes, I had the opportunity to study Nehemiah more closely. It made me think whether I’m really willing to be someone like that. I think I’ve wrestled with cynicism, hope, and willingness to act. The usual lah: Malaysia (or things in general) will never change vs. I want to change at least something in my capacity vs. will it really make a difference. I think I’ve definitely become more concerned about issues that never bothered me at all. I’ve also become more aware of what it takes, what I need to grow in order to become a changer.

I am looking forward to a fruitful time next weekend. Check out for details of Change Your World..which is actually happening in Kluang right now, but the dance team didn’t go this time round.

I’ve also been editing my to-be-published book which isn’t what I want it to be yet…Reading…Doing my part time work…

Had some not so good moments…but I realize I’m learning to deal with them better. Good good.