I am back home! My sem break got pushed forward due to H1N1.

I realized that if I didn’t take this chance to come back, I’ll probably not be back till December, and since I’m planning to go to  Australia next semester (erm…I think I decided. Hopefully?), I really should try to spend as much time with my family when I can. It’s nice being back–I didn’t come home at all the last 1 month plus break. 

I saw so much stuff in my room when I got back so I got rid of some of my old books, notes, and collectibles. The garbage collecting talent runs in my family, my mum says. It’s true–I found my primary school Chinese notes still neatly kept in a folder in my cupboard! Took them out for my sister to read before her UPSR. Sakit hatilah nak buang! 

There are a few things I’m thinking of selling though…or if not possible, give away:

Tons of Math Olympiad material. I have four Chinese books my dad bought from China which I intend to sell because they’re brand new, and I can’t think of anyone who would be so passionate to attack them. The rest are notes…papers…photocopied books and compilations of problems (whoops)…more accessible to the new olympiad-aspiring student. I plan to give these to Keat Hwa. I’ve also got The Art and Craft of Problem Solving by Paul Zeitz, original copy (because my dad is generous like that, I feel guilty not finishing the book…), but my mum insists it’s staying with my sister. J-Anne you better make good use of it.

Our Family’s 3 Generation’s Worth of Stamp Collections: OK my stamp collection is not  the best, but my mum or my grandpa has a few covers from China with gold plated stamps inside. I’m sure they’re worth something! But how lah to go about doing all this. ebay requires me to have a credit card. And how would I know how to price the stamps. I should get someone to sell them for us. Hmmmmph…not enough energy and time! 

Well, off to sleep for now. Good night.