I know it’s Merdeka and somehow there’s an expectation to blog about Malaysia, but my thoughts are no different from the thoughts I have for my country every other day, so there won’t be any heartwarming (or breaking) posts today. We need to care for Malaysia 365 days and not just once a year, right? But I will look for good bloggers and read their insightful thoughts lah later.

I had a good time in Alor Setar. : )

Can sayang my cute J-Anne, can listen to my mummy’s funny stories (and listen to her ask me not to overeat ahaha), can eat good food (I’m gradually beginning to see that homecooked food is the best and nicest–3 years away from home and I NEVER missed homecooked food =S), drink the best pumpkin soup in the world, see Papa take photographs and just be lazy. : )

I came back from Port Dickson around 3pm today, and am getting ready for college to reopen tomorrow.

Camp was good, I’ll blog about my thoughts soon. Or maybe wait for someone else to blog then I can just link first! Haha.