The Dance Team didn’t get to go for CYW Kluang because we weren’t prepared enough :(, but looking at the pictures, hearing the stories of Change, and imagining what happened there, I am stirred and encouraged.

And well, I officially became a fan of RELENT, and I don’t mean just on Facebook.

I don’t look up to musicians as role models easily at all, especially Christian ones.  This is because people who are performers and know how to work crowds and present well often look very good up there, but it’s very hard to tell how they really live like in real life. I’m not saying they have to be perfect but it’s sad if they don’t try to live out the things they urge people to sing and do.

Well, I have been trying to observe RELENT under a magnifying glass (small one lah ok haha) for awhile now, and finally, two days ago, I formed an opinion. : )

See: Bee Sean, Chee Wei and I went down a day earlier to Port Dickson with RELENT: Neil, Cuz, Dan, and Jude to prepare the place and set up for our Change Your World camp. We drove and reached the place around 1am I think, and while the three of us retired to bed, the band started moving their equipment into the hall to set up the instruments and sound system. The seven of us shared an apartment for the night, and I slept in the living room on the couch (coz there were only two girls, so we let the guys take the rooms which could accomodate more). So when the guys came knocking on the door after setting up their stuff, I got woken up. I took a look at my phone.

It was 5.15am.

They set up equipment the whole night, did not grumble or complain when they came back to the apartment, woke up punctually for the start of camp, and I even caught some of them doing devotion in the morning despite their tiredness. How honouring to God is that!

Now I was impressed. It required deliberate effort on their part. Discipline. Servanthood.

I am proud and encouraged that these four young guys are bold enough to live on minimal income to pursue their musical dreams and passions. Not just that, they produce music with a purpose: to communicate honest messages that inspire, provoke, and heal. And from what I see, they match that with a desire to live a Christ-like lifestyle.

Neil, Jude, Dan, and Cuz, I hope you guys will always remain crazy, funny, HUMBLE: please please don’t become proud when you become famous, and passionate! =P