I. am. so. physically. tired!

I’ve been going to Celebrity Fitness for three days now as I’m on a one week free trial. (As usual, anything free, I’ll be there, any freebie, you’ll see me queueing up. I can be a little extreme sometimes.)

I didn’t know a gym could be so nice. This might sound silly, but I feel loved and pampered at the gym, you know? I basically just attend group classes–no discipline to work effectively on the machines in my currently overweight condition, and also because I’m curious about the different genres–and I found them really addictive! After the workout they give you a towel, you can have a nice hot shower (which I can’t have at my apartment), and there is a steam and sauna room. Super relaxing, like taking a holiday. All I need to bring is a set of clothes.

But want me to pay 100+ a month? I’ll think again..hahaha. Plus I’m going off soon so I can’t fulfill the 12 month membership agreement. But in the future I’ll definitely think about joining a gym.

p/s: Chang Yang has agreed to buy The Art and Craft of Problem Solving, and I’ve found out that one of the church members is an avid stamp collector. My stamps have found a potential new home, or at least a vehicle to a new home. Yay! My computer games (bought during one of my restless phases) have also been promised as gifts to Joel and Joash when I can see their consistency in doing my Chinese homework and improvement in their mastery of Chinese. They are just waiting to rip open the gift wrapper. : )