I’m back from a church retreat at Genting. We had an interesting time playing the CHURCHgame, where we became “pastors” for two days to build our church. It was pretty realistic and I was quite impressed. Impressed that God gifted people with so many different gifts! Who would have thought developing board games could become a ministry!

I’m back and catching up with my marketing work and assignments. In the midst of trying to find a good political blog that covered the ISA protests,  I  read and laughed through niamah.blogspot.com, and eventually wandered over to one of my regular reads: quaintly.net. I totally enjoyed the meaningful Absolut Vodka (Money Makes the World Go Round) advert she posted, and was pleasantly surprised to see Chua’s Merdeka video on her blog as well!

Chua hope you don’t mind a little publicity lah. I couldn’t find a decent photo of you on fb so this is it:

and his Ne…? video: