*Sensitive Issue. Not meant for J-Anne Yow, Papa, and Mama so please stop reading at this point, especially Ms J-Anne Yow. You are still a beeet too young. : ) Don’t worry, I haven’t been crying again.*

Today, I talked to a Christian friend who told me that he practices pre-marital sex, he enjoys it, he believes in co-habitation, and that marriage in today’s world has become so cheap. To be honest I was kinda shaken (and upset–in other ways he seems quite a good person), because no one has ever said that to me in such an in-your-face kind of way.

Except maybe a friend, one month ago, who told me he had already decided that he was going to have casual sex when he enters the working world–nothing wrong with it. And another who said that he does porn regularly to meet his needs and apparently thinks its perfectly fine.

I was and am crushed.

I know, you’re either going to ask  me to wake up to the world, stop judging people and being such a goody-two-shoes, or even ask me to start LIVING life, but really it’s not like that at all.

What? Don’t tell me you are still reading J-Anne. =.=

I know that life on earth is no Disney fairytale, where the prince only has desires for one princess, and she remains the fairest of them all. Yes, I tend to suppress my feelings, but I am also aware that I have natural desires to love and be loved and hey, I’m curious about sex just like anyone else. And I want to have gorgeous sex one day (stop gaping). I also think a lot of guys are hot, and I’m sure playing the dating game is really exciting.

But there is something I know better than anything else, which is this: God WANTS me to have the MOST exciting life I can ever have.

I know God’s heart well enough–the God that created me, loves me, and wants the best for me–to believe that He gives his commandments only with His children’s best at heart. How then, do you expect me to believe that God wants to rob us of pleasure by placing all these thou-shall-nots around us? God loves it when we enjoy our lives in full! 🙂

I am no expert nor can I explain articulately enough the reasons behind His command to stay pure, so google to find out if you’re really interested. Marriages that begin right (which means both parties are either pure or have repented and have made a commitment to live pure) are much more unlikely to end up in divorce, for a start.

It is not easy to live pure in a world that is broken and corrupted. I can feel it. Temporal excitement is alluring, why not. But a girl who trusts her father enough will know that her father did not ban lollipops to make her life boring and sad. He banned lollies because  he loved her and wanted her to enjoy a happy life of good health (pathetic analogy I know but you get my drift).

What kind of child will you be? The one that eats his lollipops in secret and ignores the nagging guilt? Or have you eaten one too many lolllies until you no longer believe your father knew better? Until you begin to think that your siblings who choose to obey are cowardly idiots?

After Eve was deceived by the Serpent, she began to doubt God’s commands. Look what happened. Sometimes we humans are not as smart as we think we are. : (

OK la no time to think about this already. I’m sorry if I offended anyone–I’m not really qualified to discuss this! Haha.