This is gonna be one heck of a week. I am indignant about a few things. Excited and happy about some others. Dreading most parts.


I’m doing a paper on hyperlocal news due this Friday. And then a law case on Copyright Law which is quite interesting. And then the IDM video assignment. In all my time at Taylor’s I have never been this last minute. But I’ve thought through the assignments, only the execution is left.

In the past two weeks I’ve had some pretty good times with my classmates. Buka puasa-ing at Shogun…rumah terbuka at Aizuddin’s house…my first Hindi movie (there are quite a few Indians in my course) that made me a fan of Shahid Kapoor…and our frustrating IDM group assignment taking shots at Pyramid together. I’m sorry no pictures for you because I really am quite a textual person and uploading pictures feels like a hassle to me. Thank God for tagging on Facebook.

And I’m still looking for someone to bring me to Malaysian Today’s office. Hmm.