A couple of weeks ago when my dad came down, we went to the bookstore.  While I was browsing through a photography magazine (I think I was looking for references), I came across this free software called GIMP which is apparently the free version of Photoshop. (I still find Capture NX by Nikon most user friendly so far.)

I just downloaded it coz I don’t have Photoshop and Capture NX here, and am playing around with it to see if I should keep this software around. It’s so annoying! It’s just hard to remember what my lecturer teaches in class because his Adobe tricks involve multiple steps that I’m 1, too lazy to write down, 2, too detached from Adobe to get the hang of it. If I had an extra 12 hours a day, graphic design and image editing would be one of those things I’d like to learn and play with. Images are so powerful.

My inspiration to draw is drying up. Too busy to write, too busy to draw. Sometimes creativity comes from a mind at rest.

The sketch pad that I got in February? Why, it’s not even five pages filled. The pens and colour pencils are waiting to get out. 😦

Shucks this makes me think of Leonard. Ivan. The Urban Groove dancers. Kareem, with his movie-making dream which will become reality next year (so excited!), the 1a.m. band…I’ll miss them.

My housemate just confirmed that all of us are moving out end of November. Goodbye Mentari, I won’t miss you and your dirty elevators. 😀