I’ve been looking for people to write testimonials/endorsements and possibly a foreword for my book (Behind That Shiny Resume). Now it’s beginning to feel scary and unreal: I can’t believe I’m going to publish such a personal book, and I can’t believe I actually will and have to promote it….

Anyway…you know what, my jiu jiu, Timothy Loh Kah Hoong, who is a very busy man pastoring a growing church, taking care of 3 restaurants and bringing up 4 young rascals kids, was the first person to respond to my request. For him to carve time out for something small like this means the whole world to me. He wrote me a very nice foreword and I wanna give him a bear hug.

This is what he sms-ed me:

I’ve never written a foreword. : ) I penned down some thoughts, email to you now my Tim-glish, see whether it makes sense and what can be rewritten : ) u r a journalist, I’m a clueless-list : )

My earliest memories of jiu jiu and jiu ma are: being the flower girl at their wedding and receiving a Polly Pocket from them afterwards…being mesmerized by wild fantasy stories cleverly made up by jiu ma everytime they came back for CNY, playing tetris together…and as jiu ma continues to fill me in on their story whenever we talk today, I can say with increasing certainty that theirs are lives well lived, lives full of faith and God’s favour!

Jiu jiu is a visionary, a strong leader, waaaay more intelligent and wise than he appears to be, one of the most generous and sacrificial perons with his time, finances and possessions, one of the steadiest persons I know in the face of challenges and life changing decisions…and he has a big heart for the community. What a man!

He always tells me, love God, love people, and think simple. : )

Dear Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma, thank you for having me almost every weekend. I cherish the time I spend just observing how you run your sometimes crazy life filled with late night Arsenal matches, Warcraft with your boys, restaurant issues, badminton, mamak sessions, and last min sermon preparations =D.

Thank you for fathering and mothering me in little ways. The kids’ Mandarin lessons are my way of saying thanks. Hopefully Joash won’t forget how to write his name again. : D

The original Timglish endorsement he wrote for me:

I am writing this foreword as a young uncle of Jasmine (she’s my niece), as her Pastor (she attends our church) and a little fan that believes in great things in her life! : )

Every life itself is like a book, full of chapters, stories, adventures, disappointments and most of all; discovering what God has for us… It takes loads of courage, transparency and security to write about oneself especially when it may not be the sweetest or brightest chapter! But it’s most real! That’s what I like about Jasmine, she’s real…

As an uncle, I have watched how God has gifted her with the special gift of compassion, intelligence, favour when she was growing up; she’s always beyond her peers in her sensitivity and understanding. She is indeed a wonderful girl! Over the years, we saw her journey of depression; it was indeed a journey of tears, prayers and hopes! When she gradually stepped out of her depressive condition by God’s grace, I can only look back and say “God, you love her so much!!”

As a Pastor, I love her commitment, faithfulness and compassionate heart; she is for people always! Thank you for loving others.

I remembered once praying for her when she was at the lowest in her life, and the name “Jasmine” keep popping up in my heart; and this is what I recalled…”God has called you Jasmine, perfume and beautiful flower that oozes out His fragrance everywhere she goes; that’s your calling!”
Today I know this book is simply a beginning of her destiny, allowing God’s fragrance to flow out from her life unto others!
I hope you sense God’s love and His involvement in your life as you read this book!