Remember this? This was a collaboration between Community at Heart and IOI Mall, Puchong last Christmas.

Our Heavenly Gift booth

Our Heavenly Gift booth

We encouraged shoppers to “adopt a kid/family”, met around 500 community needs (and I don’t mean buying random toys for orphans, a lot of effort was put in to find out what each orphan/poor family really needed, and a lot of planning was done to meet those needs fairly and within our capacity), had fun being “angels” doing free gift wrapping for IOI shoppers to bless them, and I think the real Christmas did not take place in church last year, it came to IOI mall!

The Heavenly Gift was something I enjoyed being a part of: doing copy writing, profiling the kids/refugees/families, rallying people to volunteer, talking to shoppers…it’s so fun to be part of a venture where everyone lives a little larger to make things a success. It makes me tired yet so alive. I remember Liz working on the design, Siang Chin teaching us how to make pretty wrapping folds and ribbon roses, Chris manning the booth tirelessly almost every day, and haha, I don’t think I can even comprehend the amount of work Bee Sean, Sharon and the core team put in just to make this possible.

This year, we’re gonna do a similiar thing, but on a bigger scale. IOI has built a new wing after all! I’m still thinking if I wanna commit to anything–there’ll be Change Your World Kuching and Ipoh in January so my January probably needs to be spent in KL, so December and CNY is possibly the only time I’ll have left with my family. Even then, there’s still Pangkor with my college friends, hanging out with my Australian cousin, stopping by Singapore for a while…haha, I don’t know.

I’m learning how to strike a balance between being and doing these days. Finally, someone helped me believe I don’t need to do everything.

Anyway, I wrote this post because in order for this Christmas project to be meaningful, it has to be “by the community for the community“, not “by a few overworked or worse, burnt-out organizers for the community”.

Community at Heart needs at least 500 volunteers to make this happen. If you’re gonna be around in Puchong or its vicinity this Christmas, please come be an angel. : ) Make community come alive.

p/s: Thanks Chris for being an angel and returning my lost wallet today.