I went to college early today to line up for a Mac to get my Final Cut Pro stuff done. The Media Hub is still a flurry of activity now, but I’ve escaped. I met this really kind ang moh computing guy who helped me wrap up my video. Mr no-name was really nice. Next time I’m gonna tell people my hobby is bumping into kind strangers.

I know the quality of my work is atrocious. Bad shots horrible lighting choppy music bleargh. No computer to work with. But it’s really one of my least concerns. I’m just glad I learnt something really useful out of it, and I’ve finished it to the best of my abilities.

Just got off the phone with mum: they’re trying to get me on the train home this weekend to do my passport. I hate coming home for ONE DAY over the weekend on a 12 hour train. 24 hours on the train back and forth, 24 hours at home. Doesn’t help that I have a couple of things due on Monday… including the law assignment  and my final book layout. (Yay! Will get my mum to proofread it.)

Not many people really believe in other people’s dreams anymore these days. Not many people say encouraging things–no wait, TOO MANY people say encouraging stuff, but a lot of it is fluff and few really mean it. So the biggest thank you goes out to my favourite Physics Lecturer Mr Koh. Thank you for the time you squeezed out to read the manuscript and write the beautiful foreword although you weren’t your usual bubbly self and you were busy preparing for an exam. I was so happy, really. More than happy, actually. Grateful.

Tonight a friend is staying over at my place but I really wanna go watch Contemporary Dance at The Actor’s Studio @ Lot 10. For free! Plus I’ve never seen what the standard is like in Malaysia. It’s been a really long time since I went for a good dance performance. At least a good lyrical contemporary or jazz/ballet one. I really miss those treats that transport me to another world…have I told you how much I adore Mia Michael’s work? You should watch Celine Dion’s Las Vegas show. Mia’s work  is so raw, so real.

I’m upset over a few things. 😦 And I ripped my pants while dancing yesterday. Now I have five pieces of clothing that need to be mended. I’ve been putting off the sewing for ages. ^ ^