…is an awkward age because you don’t know whether you should still call people Aunty Nancy, or just Nancy. 🙂 Is Nancy too rude, too familiar? Or will she get slightly offended that Aunty Nancy sounds too old? Haha.

I’ve dropped a lot of titles with people lately.

Well guess what? I took a chance and called Nancy after the crazy assignment yesterday, and she agreed to fetch me all the way from Sunway to watch the Contemporary Dance Showcase at Actors Studio Lot 10! I stayed over with her three girls, Sophia, Serena, and Samantha after that, and it was great watching Project Runway and having Dim Sum for breakfast. Thank you for having me over Nancy & Kevin, and thank you for giving me your top bunk Sophia/Serena/Samantha! You’re the sweetest and girliest girls I know. Samantha holds my hand all the time, kisses me goodnight, and smiles this incredibly sweet smile that can melt a heart of stone. 🙂

I’ve actually taken over Doreen’s place to teach a dance class for Community At Heart on Saturday mornings…and that’s where I usually see the three girls. I don’t really feel comfortable teaching it…when Doreen walks in at 12.30pm she tells me all the different things I’m doing wrong and OH NOO sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel. But if there’s one thing about me, it’s this: I don’t avoid situations that I’m afraid of. That’s the best way to learn. 🙂

I must say I couldn’t quite appreciate all of the ideas communicated through the dances that night, but that’s a very good sign of Msian choreographers breaking out of the mold. The choreography made me think. Why is she moving like that? And what the heck was THAT? Unfortunately, I felt that the  dancers did not connect enough to the dance…except this one performer named Hii Ing Fung…she mesmerized me! The nuances of her movement and the hint of cheekiness in her facial expression was sublime.

Oh one more thing. Twenty is the perfect age to relate to adults and kids alike on a meaningful level. Nancy can talk to me about what she does, about parenting, about house-hunting; and yet I’m still not too outdated for Taylors Swift and David Archuletta with her 11/12/14 daughters. How cool is that. I want to be twenty forever. Or 21 forever. 🙂

Back to my law assignment goodbye.