…where I feel:

I’m just so unready for the world. Friends: The advice-giving, proper talk kind of friends, the you-can-see-my-ugliest-side kind of friends, the hang out and be silly kinda friends. Formal relationships: Colleagues that are nice, bosses that are unhappy and you just gotta learn how to “not take it personally” :(, and irritating little things you just have to grit your teeth and deal with.:)

I feel like the world is so…huge. It’s like I’m an ant looking at a giant marshmallow. Or maybe I’m the glucose molecule figuring out where I fit in the gooey mass of sugar. So many things that I can’t wrap around my mind…

Opium & war…a link Adinda sent me today. Corruption…Tehelka and Operation West End (Mr Justin is really cool when he shows us movie clips/documentaries bout journalists. He told us to watch Nothing But the Truth and I really, really loved it. Every journalism student should watch that movie.)

Why. Why all this. Why are people like that? What makes some people fight so strongly for things they believe in, and how can bad people tell such blatant lies? What kind of person am I gonna grow up to be? Do I just wanna get through life? Do I? Maybe I do? I don’t know? Find a little happiness and…you know, forget the rest. Or am I really serious about living a great destiny. Too few people do that, it’s disappointing.

You know it’s one thing to say you want to do it, it’s another thing to really, really wanna do it. And then it’s a whole new level altogether to sucessfully do it. It takes so much more.

GIMP is absolutely cool. Everyone without Photoshop should download it I’m serious. I finally mustered up the will to ditch my initial Digital Story video idea and I’m beginning on a new one now. Yay. I can forget about food and sleep when I work on all this. Maybe I should switch majors. Switch to Creative Writing. Something more…fluid. Eh? I still can. And my book is almost nearly done with cover page and all! Just one last round of proofreading tomorrow…