Oh faster go see what we did for Doreen’s birthday.


It’s been a difficult year for the dance team. People fell out due to hectic schedules…Vitto moved to the States with his family (COME BACK VITTO)…Nai Lin switched jobs…plans got changed again and again and again…that sometimes I think it’s a wonder we’re still here. 🙂 And still happily celebrating Doreen’s birthday. And going to Penang this Saturday! Ahh!

Anyway, you need to visit www.matchingmisfits.blogspot.com. Sharon’s online shoe shop. 🙂 GOOD STUFF.

I told you it’s good stuff!

And she also coordinates weddings…you can check out www.meandweddings.blogspot.com! If I get married in KL I will get her to be my wedding planner, and I will have Tiramisu as my cake because she told me its meaning. 😉

The more I talk about people in KL the more grumpy I become because I can’t move KL to Adelaide. Haha.