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I live in a world that is too small. I wish someone had educated me about this when I was younger…someone had told me that this is NOT inevitable, that we all can play our parts in fighting this, and that I had started learning how to go about doing it at a younger age.

I only knew about two ‘noble’ professions back then: Doctor, and Teacher.

No one told me that brilliant engineers and architects were very much needed to plan and design homes, sewage systems, power grids etc etc in poor areas. I never saw these professions in this light. I never realized the power and influence businessmen could potentially have over people, and how they could use their clout and wealth to impact society. In fact I am only beginning to see a glimpse now.

Perhaps, if I had known all that, I would have been inspired to learn and study with a different passion.

Students today are just plain bored. They are waiting to be inspired, to be told that they are important. They need an important reason to wake up and breathe and fight and live! I wonder what it takes to make us understand we are part of an exciting venture, and that the responsibility lies with us to ensure Malaysia has a bright future? I wonder…

When I was young, we were told to dream, but we were never told why we needed to dream. We only dreamt of a good life for ourselves, and an afterthought known as “helping people”–something we only knew how to carry on our lips, to perhaps comfort ourselves that we were headed for a good life, a correct life. It did not sink deep down into our soul and bubble out as a strong, exciting conviction.

It is sad. Oblivious to the battles taking place all around us, we are missing out on life. In frustration, disillusionment and despair, we are told by the older generation to flee the country for greener pastures…and SADLY, the facts tell us that this is the logical, practical, and smart thing to do.

If your heart is awake, you cannot stand aside without doing anything.