I have:

-moved out from Mentari with much difficulty and tension.

-contacted Focus on the Family, SUFES and other parties to carry my book for me

-raised enough money for my building fund pledge!

-run errands (type speeches, teach piano lessons, play driver) for mum. also gone marketing with her and had her lovely pumpkin soup 🙂

-talked to Eugene (happy birthday!) and Kah Yong a bit and realized how intelligent they both are (have just been thinking, together, we could start a successful family venture. Ahh, nice dreams 🙂 )

-gone jogging with J-Anne consistently…until she fell a bit sick. So now I exercise without my self-appointed coach who was inspired by The Biggest Loser to train me.

-found tuition students, now I’m just waiting for them to come back from their holidays.

-read 《结疤后的光彩》by my late teacher 曾文珩老师’s wife 黄丽根, a courageous tale of a strong mother and loving teacher. Especially enjoyed her writings on how she relates, inspires, and teaches her students lessons on love! I smile whenever I think of him. He led a good, sacrificial, and I think, joyous life. A person that loves to give is always a happy person.


-see Dr. Doreen and do my annual blood test

-do my VISA medical check-up in KL on the 21st.

-visit Aunty Ai Bee with Lydia!

-read more stuff. Seriously I need to stimulate my brain…I feel so stupid and uninformed like a bimbo. Read more stuff to understand my country’s problems better. Read more stuff and think about how to create more platforms to address the chronic boredom among sec school students.

-go swimming.

-research about Adelaide. I want to do a Psych minor but I don’t know if it will work out. Australia has been terribly inefficient in getting back to me.

Am sending my spunky ABC (Australian Born Chinese) cousin to the airport soon. I had a good three days hanging around her. I find her much more critical and well-composed than the average 24 yr old Malaysian youth. She did Mass Comm and International Studies so she could spend a year in Kun Ming to get to know her roots a little better…how cool is that! Even found a Danish boyfriend there and has been backpacking to so many places since then.

What I appreciate most about her is how she takes interest in the lives of family members I hardly care to speak to…even with her limited Mandarin. A breath of fresh air at family gatherings where we talk about nothing substantial. “Our family is so weird! They’re such nice people but why don’t they talk?” she said. 🙂

p/s: Did you know I went for an interview at Mediacorp Singapore? I’m remembering the intern I met there who showed poor lost me the way to the Radio Building. When we passed the cleaning lady, she greeted her in a way that says “You’re important and I care about you”. I was impressed…and slightly ashamed because I wasn’t even thinking of looking at the lady. Whoever you are, thank you for showing me my way inside Mediacorp and for reminding me what being human is all about.