Haha this just struck me as very hilarious: I update three personal blogs now. Three. Some are for you to find, some are hidden.

I am naturally reckless with my opinions and words and…everything else. So I end up having to apply an external filter; choosing where to write what is one of those filters. Hilarious.

Thought Gus Dur, the former Indonesian president that just passed away seemed like a very interesting leader. Just you see:

He openly said that commercial ties with Israel was one of his top foreign policy initiatives.

Not interesting? Anyway I don’t have stamina to fully check him out. I’ve so many things I want to learn more about but reading heavy stuff is tiring. So I’ve decided to let it go. 🙂

It’s just that I’ve been feeling an affinity (are they early signs of love? shifting loyalty to another country? lol) towards Indonesia ever since Aceh. Ever since that magical week. So on and off I just like to…highlight them.