The other day I playfully asked my dad why certain Christians insist on praying before every meal. Is it such a big deal if you forget to say grace before one meal?

Sometimes it just becomes really religious and ceremonial, no? 🙂 Sometimes it loses its sincerity and meaning.

*   *   *

The other day I had my favourite 杂果冰, um…Fruit with Shaved Ice? (Is there no proper English name for it?!) at Simpang Kuala with Jun Shen and Wei Liang. Jun Shen says it’s a great way to make money: Rm1.70 for ice, sugar, and a few pieces of fruit. I haven’t had it since Form 5. 🙂

Simpang Kuala reminded me of all the sun-scorched afternoons I walked to Yong Teik Hwa’s Physics tuition from school, because I disliked going home :(. It reminded me of lunches, alone. Studying, alone. Sadness. Rebelliousness. Defiance.

It reminded me of the times we strolled there to lepak after St. John meetings. Seven Eleven slurpees–my first slurpee in my life, the one Zi-Jun bought. I learnt that people order “seng ka teh” or iced tea, because its the cheapest drink. Friends. Freedom, or the illusion of it. A sense of normalcy that hey I actually get to lepak like other people do.

The other day, I went back to school for the Annual St. John Camp. Sometimes I wonder why I do that. Perhaps the reason why ex-members flock back year after year–even ten years after graduation, the reason they try to give something back to SJKH, is because it molded them in their student years despite all its imperfections? Forged important friendships?

I realize you take more perspectives into account as you grow up. You start to really empathize with the way people act. You say “but they don’t understand me” less. It’s not so simple to explain things away or judge anymore.

Ahh this writing was really headed no where. Just needed some fresh air.