I love writing for pleasure. I call it empty pleasure. That’s why I blog for myself and don’t want to get involved in blog advertising just yet. It changes things, don’t try to convince me otherwise. I love the empty pleasure my blog gives me, if that makes sense to you. Heh. It’s a place where sometimes I get the freedom of writing what I really want, without having to worry if I’m coherent, or thinking about getting a specific message across in a specific way…it’s a lot of freedom.

But now and then, I write things that aren’t exactly ‘inspirations’. I’m referring to the things that I think I need to write about, as opposed to want. Posts that I hope will benefit certain readers. Or give them a glimpse into what I think is a good lifestyle choice. Well these are some of those ‘things’.


Sometimes the way Pastor Tim brings scripture to life really inspires me. I get a ‘Wow’ moment, the same kind you award good movies.

Psa 57:8  Wake up, my soul! Wake up, harp and lyre! I will awake the dawn.

I’ve read this scripture before. It sounds like a perfectly normal, overly rhetorical and perhaps boring verse of a Psalm to me. But Pastor Tim obviously sees things in a different realm. He somehow grasps not just the context but the whole spirit of the verse and suddenly it springs to life, powerfully. Like Turuk Maktu descending from the skies.

First, you wake up. Not open one eye, slam down the annoying alarm clock, and laze in bed. No, this is not even stretching out with a wide yawn. It is being shaken up in the middle of the night, aware that something is going to happen! You quickly gather all the resources you have (harp and lyre); you use all your talent, invest all your heart, expand all your energy… you awaken the dawn! Whatever the dawn is, it sure sounds awfully breathtaking. The whole verse seems to beat with excitement: I’m gonna do a spectacular thing.

I want to read my Bible like that. I want more freshness, more sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s stirring, more alertness, more hunger. Anything’s that gone stale becomes a spoof.

How much of what I do is fresh, and how much is stale?


We all need a certain kind of people to help us live victorious lives. People who stand for what is good and right. People you would risk humbling yourself and taking the first step to confess your sin to, ask for help, not knowing how they would respond. You might be judged. Get a horrible scolding. Suffer a little humiliation. But no, when they accept you with a saddened heart but a loving one nevertheless, you are released from your shackles of guilt. Even if they respond negatively, you are set free because you did the thing that honoured God!

And that humility of opening up to change, that position of desiring for more of what is good, opens up the windows of heaven far and wide for more grace to get back on track and progress. You should try it sometime.

I pray for people in Australia. Without an environment to practice humility and vulnerability, it is hard to be an effective Christian. It is almost impossible to be Christian at all.