I can taste the salt on my lips. It feels good.

Dance class was fun. The kind of refreshing fun a two-month absence gives you. Jerry, Sylvia, Doris…they all appear slimmer, tighter. They’ve improved. Oh yes, they have. Instructors’ improvements are good signs for a dance studio.

I almost wanted to conveniently forget about dance class. I had to silently shout at myself, today IS Wednesday, get up and go for your workout! It’s funny: I have to force myself to go for something that I clearly enjoy. It’s so funny I can’t even laugh. Dance is fun. I should have taken classes more than once a week, staying a mere 15 min walk away. Now the opportunity is slipping away.

I also forced myself out of the house, went to the office, did some copy writing. Volunteering for creative stuff is always much more fun than working for it. Staying in the apartment all alone has proved disastrous: I am drawn into endless food hunts, besides watching Leverage (I LOVE Parker!), reading Haruki Murakami (tastefully weird), and sleeping. So I am forcing myself out. Discipline.

Left the office at two, went back and helped Ee sort through her stuff, clear out her cabinet. Overturned a pail of water, and sat right down in the pool. Wet my shorts through and through.

Sometimes even I want to laugh at myself. I think I am cartoonishly perfect.  (I imagine God says, thank you for the compliment; and I say, you’re welcome.)

20 January 2010

Late night, wet hair, grumbling stomach. Fasting is very challenging. I cheat a lot. This is backdated because I only get internet at the office.