We’re not good dancers or performers, I’ll be the first to admit that. We have a long way to go. 🙂

But in view of our different personalities, and all the different circumstances we’ve had this year, I think we really have the best spirit: ONE ACCORD!

The dance team threw a surprise farewell party for me and each person gave me a gift, together with a fabulous ribbon string of cards! I was really blessed, esp by the card that says “the Jasmine I know likes to bully us and steal other people’s crops (on barn buddy)”. Hahaha. So in return, I’m going to give each one of you a virtual gift. This is supposed to be posted on FB but it’s not working at the moment and I can’t wait.

1. Sharon: You were right, the dance team really needs your leadership. You pull the team together with your vision, your inspiration, your occasional outburst of anger, your ability to rally…so you get a pair of the stinkiest socks that I’ve coughed and burped on. 😀

2. Doreen: Lately, I feel you’ve been a Godly model for me on the few occasions I talked to you. BUT you get no present. Instead I’m going to tell my future bf this: Doreen played a part in helping you find me because she reminded me to groom and prepare myself. Please appreciate her with a gift! Haha.

3. Ching: Dearest jie jie, thank you for always making sure I arrive back safely after practice. You get a thousand heart shaped balloons released into the sky that say:

You are loved…when you feel stupid and incapable
You are loved…when you make mistakes
You are loved…when you are scolded
You are loved…when you feel insecure
You are loved…in your entire journey of seeking freedom!

Let the balloons lift your heart up! One day I want to see you finish you testimony dance.

4. Kang Ker Huang: For the award-winning Soon Dinasour joke, you get a MILO DINASOUR!!! Hahahaha…and a box of thumb”tact”s for reminding me to be tactful. That, and your gentle grace will make you a terrific nurse. 🙂

5. Amanda: I’m going to drill two holes in your dimples and steal your yellow socks. Watch out.

6. Sophia, Serena, and both Samanthas: I enjoyed teaching you. ALL YOU’RE GONNA GET IS AN ORDER TO DO 20 PUSH-UPS AND 30 SIT-UPS EVERY DAY. 😛

7. Trisha, Jay, Vitto, Gordon, Doris, and Samson: You are going to get summonses and warning letters for leaving the dance team! Just kidding…but we only have ONE choreographer left. The talent is leaking out! Pray for God’s direction!

8. No Nai Lin, I didn’t forget you. You were supposed to get a summons letter too, but since you are my supercute superhero of Kuching, I’m gonna give you your present when I find something cuter than your turtle car. Haha! Or maybe buy insurance from you in a few years time. B)

Well….I really just wrote this to remind us, esp. those in category no. 7, that 1A.M. Dance has always tried in its limited way to be family. We love you even if you’re far away! So go forward, and be that kind of family to the new family you’re in. 🙂

Thank you, 1AM Dance, for loving me just the way I am. Because of that, you get to see the worst, wackiest, funniest, randomest, and THE BEST OF ME.