Someone asked me how I feel like, turning 21. The magic age where you’re supposed to get a key according to Chinese tradition and all that.

Honestly, I don’t feel any different from the day I turned 18. 🙂 Except that on my 18th birthday, I expected people to treat me like a princess on my birthday, give me gifts, wish me well…I expected it to be the most special day in my year.

Well, this year, I’m just grateful for 21 years of living, loving, and learning. 🙂

For the people who sayang me.

For big ang pows 😀

For Whei Ying who drove all the way to my house at 11pm to give me my birthday present: a very pretty scarf.

For Mr Lim Beng Hin who gave me a birthday ang pow with RM21 inside because I thick-facedly went back to school and demanded it from him.

For Lean Han who called me 12 times before he got through to wish me happy birthday hahahahaha because I switched off my phone at 12a.m. Haha.

For my mum who baked me a lovely heart shaped cake with durian cream on top although I don’t like durian. HAHAHA. 😀

For Wei Yee, because we can toast each other, and sing birthday songs to each other every year. And see who wishes who first. It’s the 6th year now. He no longer bullies me and demands an extra bday present just because he is “one year older than me”. He doesn’t give me Pooh Bear photo frames any more. :*( Time flies.

For Jun Shen and Shook Hwa, for texting me from Singapore.

For Elaine, who forgot my birthday. And many others who forgot as well. Or didn’t bother to wish because they thought I wouldn’t care. Or maybe they were just too busy. 😀  It’s OK larr.

For Chang Yang, who’s proud of me because I crossed this “arbitrary line” “my way”. HAHAHAHA. What a statement!

For Chrystin, who wrote me a lovely poem (cause I asked her to lah). 🙂

Thank you. 🙂