This year it is just us (my handsome brother doesn’t like to be photographed, not even when I begged him for a pic with me).

Everyone on mum’s side is in KL, and we’re always here because dad can only afford to get away from business for two days.

My mum says it’s her favourite CNY. No hustle and bustle, simple reunion dinner, a lazy night watching movies, indulging my dad in his photography hobby and playing models+camera crew, very little entertaining to do.

We had our family’s CNY tradition,谈谈新年的展望. I really enjoy hearing my father’s heart and thoughts every year, because he puts a lot of thought into preparing his “speech”, usually linked to the animal of the year. Whenever I try to speak at the breakfast table or before he goes to sleep, he’s always engrossed in some reading material and says Do Not Disturb. So this is one of the cherished moments where we sit down and talk. 🙂 This year he talked about how even powerful animals like the tiger are facing extinction, and how we need to be alert regarding our country’s situation and think ahead for our family.

My dad’s inspiration came from one of his photography subjects….Brands Essence of Chicken! Can you see?  保持机警,占尽先机。 Stay Alert. Stay Ahead. 🙂