Psa 18:4 The floods of ungodliness made me afraid


Psa: 18:36 You enlarged my path under me, so my feet did not slip.

The floods of ungodliness. This phrase gives me the chills. I personally think we go really wrong when we fail to recognize how easy it is for the floods of ungodliness to sweep us away. I’ve been reading Exodus in the past month, and it frightens and shocks me every time I read about how easily the Israelites turn from a joyous, grateful bunch who had just witnessed the most impossible miracles into long-faced grumblers who are angry at God. They switch back and forth between these postures so many times you wouldn’t even think it possible.

And yet it happened. I don’t know about you, but this sure doesn’t give me much confidence in myself. And no–I don’t think this is being falsely humble, I think it’s good to realize what a bunch of forgetful, fickle human beings we are. And no–this doesn’t make me feel guilty or unworthy, this realization makes me want to go back to God with a greater urgency.

When I hit another road bump in life, another dark night when I cannot possibly see God at all, I might forget God’s goodness. I might start to want to complain. I told God jokingly, if that happens, I demand him to send the whole heaven to remind me to cling on tight. Part of this prayer has already been answered: God has already sent His Holy Spirit, His word and His people. Part of it is up to me to stand firm on the rock.

Where are you in the flood? In the river or on the Rock that is higher than you?