When I had my first whiff of Australian air, my senses were immediately tingled. I know this smell.

I remember it from my visit to Sydney and Melbourne two years ago. That invigorating and almost delicious smell that I bet would make even the most obese sluggard want to jump up and walk and run and take in all the pretty sights and sounds. I breathed that fresh air as I checked out my house with it’s apricot trees, kumquat trees, and grapevine; as I went about the city checking out Rundle and King William St. with its fancy shops, my university’s campus, the State Libary, and the Museum; and especially when I caught the tram out of the city to Glenelg Beach on the recommendation of an Italian lady I met at the bus stop. 

I held my breath and for a moment, I was overcome with so much gratitude.

Two years ago, I could not enjoy my holiday like I’ve been enjoying myself these 2 days, even if it means exploring Adelaide alone and getting lost. I was sleep walking when I visited the Opera House, the beach, the Three Sisters; I only perked up whenever I could eat. I slept and watched TV and more than anything, I felt numb back then. It put a damper on even the nicest days. The alive Jasmine is not like that.

I am so grateful to know what it’s like to be well, and I’m glad that God has brought a new season in my life for me to enjoy.