I’m so happily tired so I’m just gonna type a very fast post because I’m dying to tell you so many things Imma be a chatterbox! But I don’t have time to write nicely already. 😦

1. I applied to become a Fringe Benefits member for free and bought tickets to Be Your Self!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so proud of myself for finding all the info, browsing through the hundreds of events, picking them, figuring out where the ticketing counters are…Sorry lah I can be very solitary and I just have to grab the chance to watch some dance so I bought the tix straight away. $25 nevermind I can spend. And luckily I bought, limited seats left.

2. Tried to familiarize myself with uni, with the help of some very lovely people i met through the Adelaide Hills/Cleaveland Wildlife Park tour today. I made a lot of friends : ).

3. Things here are expensive! It’s interesting how different people give me different info. Whoever told me to bring my whole wardrobe here? I’ve been seeing clothes that are so CHEAP. Everything else? =.=. I have to pay $4 per entrance to my UNI swimming pool. I was taken aback.

4. I know why the air smells good already!!! Mark told me it’s the rosemary (and he just plucks them off the plants and throw them into his cooking! Whoopee!)

5. I forgot to clarify with everyone that UniSA was very kind, Dr Collette, my course coordinator, looked into my situation (after I wrote her a letter to which she replied “I can tell you are very anxious from your tone”. Oops.). And so now I’m doing 4 counselling subs in total. Not enough for a minor I think, but at least it will be something I want to learn more about. And I’m so grateful I met 2 very nice Malaysians who live nearby me who are doing Psych! James has offered to lend me his HELP notes. The downside is Counselling Subs HAVE EXAMS. Dang I don’t like exams. And I need to buy textbooks :(. You can’t download a lot of stuff on the internet here, I mean you can but it costs money, so my previous assignment “cheating” techniques will have to be tweaked lol.

6. I’ve been talking to all sorts of people…meeting new friends at Hope and OCF (overseas christian fellowship) which I visited tonight before going to Fringe parade (sorry huge crowds and too many drunkards for me to have any nice pics and I went pretty late). Here’s a pic I found online of the 2 huge astronauts. I wanted to snap a pic of them but the only time I saw them I was on the tram. The astronaut marks a brave new frontier in space exploration which began in the 1960s when Fringe coincidentally began, representing Science, while the tutu self-explains the Arts.

7. This Sunday happens to be an important day for Bangladesh, and my Bangladeshi housemate, Lizzie,  is throwing a PARTY! She’s brought sarees for the gals in the house and we’re all gonna dress up. How fun! There are currently 3 gals 2 guys in the house, and 1 more is moving in next week.

8. When Tanny visits me in March, we’ll probably go to Kangaroo Islands. I also want to go to Great Rocking Horse, cycle along the Torrens River (rent a bike for free), Victor Harbor, and tomorrow I’m going shopping for groceries at Central Market and probably Chinatown.

This week has been like a holiday. 😀