Ekusha February commemorates Bangladeshi’s victory in fighting for their mother tongue (Pakistan was about to impose Urdu on them). It is a very important festival for the Bangladeshis, and my housemate, Lizzie, being one, threw a party yesterday night to celebrate it. She was such a great cook, and we had a blast!

She used to work with an Australian organization (think it’s called A8 but I didn’t manage to find it online) that helps developing countries, and she met a couple of her guests while they were volunteering with A8 in Bangla as well. She invited a group of diverse and interesting people…including this woman who can speak Indonesian even more fluently than my Indon housemate! Her son, Theo is just the cheekiest cutest and brightest kid I have seen in a while by the way.

My other housemate who is doing her masters in Education ended up saying after the party that after meeting Theo, she doesn’t think she can handle Ozzie kids :D. But I think she can…she can have an intimidating presence and she’s a stickler for cleanliness! And it’s so funny, when she heard there’s yet another Malaysian moving in next week, she had this disappointed look on her face. She wants to become as Ozzie as possible :D.

Lizzie is moving out soon, I wonder when’s the next time I’ll ever get to wear a Saree. She was so kind to dress me up.