Click on the picture to see what Architects Of Air is all about. This is the Amococo structure I paid $2 to visit today. I’ll never ever pay RM6 to do that again, but it was cool. You should see the picture of the outer structure on the website. You’ll never imagine that this is achieved by natural light alone!

And, yep: I finally spotted 6 out of the 9 astronauts visiting Adelaide when I explored the city today, and that makes me a happy tourist. I got lost on the way home (bus was crowded, I was sitting facing the back of the bus and I missed my stop). It’s kinda scary to be lost in the suburbs because the land here is so vast, you look around and you can hardly meet anyone to ask for directions.  Especially if it’s after dark–street lights are as scarce as bus stops (well, they are relatively scarce compared to what I’m used to in Singapore!).

And I finally cooked a complete, wholesome dish today. 😀 I want to make Meringues with the oven soon. I have an oven for the first time in my life!

OK I am really tired from all the walking. Good night.