Mmmm what a sleepy, relaxing Saturday morning. I hope the sun doesn’t get too fierce today because it shines directly into my room–blinds don’t help that much, the heat passes through. I’m planning to sleep in and stay home. have been emotionally and physically worn out from being with people and touring around. : )

I have been trying to get a feel of Australian media though I’ve really put so little time into it…what with playing fake tour guide visiting Hahndorf and Beerenberg (German Village and Strawberry Farm) with a bunch of Malaysians the day before, settling uni and personal admin stuff, and CCM’s orientation party which I helped out at. Look at my German Platter below, you better start wishing me luck in coming back the same recognizable size. 🙂It costs $53.90 for 4 huge sausages, pork knuckles, potatoes, and this huge waste of onions. But don’t worry we split among 6. 🙂

Before I start befriending books and journals, I just thought I’d share a few important tips (that are not so commonly talked about) for future students intending to study in Adelaide. When the list has been expanded and verified for accuracy I’ll prolly post this as a separate page. Feel free to correct my info:

1. Australian banks like National Australia Bank and Commonwealth have 2 kinds of accounts that you can simultaneously maintain: one for everyday withdrawals, and another separate online account (the Netbank acc for Commonwealth, and iSaver for NAB). The thing about the online accounts is that you get a fairly high interest rate (ard 5% p.a.) while still being able to transfer your money out to your other account any time you wish. Although many people told me that NAB, ANZ, Bank SA and Commonwealth are about the same, I paid $15 to get a Statement of Balance from Commonwealth (to prove I have an Australian add. so I can sign up for a postpaid phone number). So do your research properly before signing up with banks if you’re calculative like me 😀 and careful unlike me, and note whether your bank has atms convenient to you. (I decided on the spur of the moment on Commonwealth because my bus to the city stops directly opp a branch.)

2. From what I gather and observe, houses and homestays are way better than student apartments. My friends at Hartley Apartments and Student Living are all trying to move out within their first week here. Internet is not provided as promised at some places, and that is a real pain for all students! I have one friend who is trying to sue the company because his complaints have fallen on deaf ears, and this issue has been swept under the carpet for years–students just live there until their contracts end and move out without taking action it seems. Houses may be a little harder to find, but it is worth the effort. If you can’t cook, find a homestay but I would suggest you learn how to do it lah it’s fun to experiment. Plus if you want to go out you’ll be skipping meals, so you’ll be paying for food you do not eat sometimes.

So yeah. And I’ve gotten dark. 🙂